Policy for the use of personal cameras in the Special Collections & Archives Reading Room

Personal cameras may be used in the Reading Room under certain conditions, depending on the physical condition of materials and the rules of the Reading room. This policy seeks to balance research needs and collection preservation while minimizing disruption to other patrons.

Reading Room staff will assess the physical condition of items to be photographed. If an item is too fragile, photography will not be allowed. Please ask about other available options.

All patrons wishing to take digital photographs of Special Collection and archives materials must comply with the rules specified below.

Please follow these and any additional instructions given by Reading Room staff.

Personal Camera use FAQs:

What equipment may be used?

What equipment may not be used?

What may not be photographed?

What procedures are required for identification of materials?

What are the limits to the quantity of material photographed?

Is it permissible to photograph copyrighted material?

Where will photography be permitted?